Our spirits offer a clean and yet complex sensation and can both be enjoyed straight and especially paired with a well-matched culinary counterpart. The spirits compliment both nose and palate of the keen connoisseur as well as the novice looking to explore their next imprint of flavour.

The spirits compliment both nose and palate of the keen connoisseur as well as the novice looking to explore their next imprint of flavour. We look forward by looking back into how it’s traditionally done and believe that craftmanship and authenticity is a flavour component equivalent to any botanical.

  • Cocktail Catering DK

    Let us handle the bar for your next corporate or private event. We provide a all you can drink bar, delicious ingredients, equipment and, of course, bartenders to set it all up, make fantastic cocktails and pack it all down again.

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  • Private Label

    At Nordic Ethanol we provide the
    possibility of building unique brands and spirit products for you in any aspect and scale. We offer solutions for everyone - both companies, professionals and private.

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  • Nordic EtOH

    Our uncompromising passion for honoring traditions, authenticity and craftmanship has carefully ben distilled into this pure series of spirits.

    We present to you Nordic EtOH.

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Behind Nordic Ethanol ApS

We are Jonas & Nicolai. We both live in Copenhagen and first met as colleagues, explored distilling as friends and ultimately became founders of Nordic Ethanol.

Our background and lifestyle combined with Copenhagen’s famed gastronomy, great beverages and bon vivant atmosphere keeps us inspired and motivated at what we do for a living.

Our background as michelin chefs, both draws a dedication to taste of quality and a true passion for the Danish alcohol tradition.


Emil Vang partner and co-owner of Nordic Ethanol ApS. He has over 10 years of experience as a bartender from, among others Gilt and Holmens Kanal, where he seriously entered the bartending profession under Peter
Altenburg. Since 2015, Emil has run his own cocktail event concept Vang & Bar and since 2019 a cocktail bar in Vesterbro under the same name, which he sold in October 2021. Then in January 2022 he became part of Nordic Ethanol.

From soil to bar cocktails is a special thing for Emil, as he has been introduced to organic produce from an early age because of his mother's organic agriculture, he has therefore developed a great awareness of quality and insight into the processes before and after a finished product, which we greatly enjoy.


In our constant search for flavours it has been important to maintain close ties with the fine dining and Michelin star restaurants. This connection both enables us to look at flavours from different angles and inspires us to be better than we were yesterday.

We aim at creating spirits that excel both on their own and especially in combination with finer dining for the complete savour.


We shook hands and agreed to leave the shiny steel tables in the Copenhagen fine dining and Michelin kitchens and replaced them with glossy copper pot stills.

In a constant search for flavours we have both found great joy in combining and using our experience, craftmanship and creativity to keep developing and working with flavours on a new platform.